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[Sale] KAT-TUN, Akame, Akanishi Jin Notes

Haii hai..
long time no see,so I want to information to all you , now you can order some of my arts for cover of notes
it's hardcover and you can choose the binding too (side binding/spiral)
I take international order too
all the shipment is from Indonesia using EMS (if you want other delivery service,please tell me)

all the notes's price is are only $10
PM me or you can ask me via whatsup at +62 81 3351 23918

here's the preview of some my notes... or you can check other design in HERE
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Err hai again~~
long time no see...
So this time I want to make an announcement...about my hiatus .
Since I start my uni from last month, it's really hard for me to just get online or just making something related about fandom art T___T
I know I said before to some of you that I have some free time in August, but It was beyond my expectation, since my uni already take my time a lot everyday ><
So I will hiatus from now....and I still dunno when my hiatus will end TT___TT

I really really sorry to suju786 and rikazurin0223 and want to apologize to both of you
because I still not yet finish your request ><
I PROMISE I will finish the rest of your guys request, just pleaseeee give me more time okay ><..

And for my dear mazauric I truly sorry, because I told you before that I will take your request because I have free time in August, but when you finally asked me your banner, I can't make it for you TT_____TT *deep bow*
So I promise to just this 3 person, that I will make their request, because they were asked me before ><

Thanks for reading, I hope I can come back ad making lots of fandom art again like before ><

Best Regards,
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Thank You...

Dear all my friends in this community.
I thank to all of you who always support, like, and give me precious comments to my works.
Thank you so much guys and I really appreciated that.
I noticed Some of you also share my arts in tumblr, twitter, and some in Facebook with put in my credit too,
and I really happy to know it^^

I do really appreciated other artis's works too and every time I want to share their arts, I will always put their
credits. That's my form of respect for their works.
For Some of you who follow my twitter maybe already know that I'm the person who kinda of strich about this.
I do respect others people and that's why I do respect mine too, and that's why I always feel uneasy and sometime angry
to some of people who share my arts and didn't put my credit. That's really hurt my feeling.
I talk like this not because I'm bragging my works or feel better than the other.
I respect others people works, that's why I try to respect mine too.

But, I should give you this little warning again...to all of you, who always share my arts without credits me..
and maybe you are now reading this post, I politely ask you to give the credit to my arts if you share them.
And please DO NOT SHARE THEM AGAIN IN THE SAME WEB LIKE DEVIANTART. I've been post them there in my ID Deviantart.
So it's not necessary to re-upload them again in your own Deviantart, right?
And I decided to lock all my graphics for member only. For new posting, I will open the post for 1 week and will locked it after that.
Actually I don't want to do this, but i should. So,I hope you guys can understand this.
Once again, thanks for taking time to read this:)

with love,
kame glasses

Merry Christmast & Happy New Year!!!

Glitter Delight - Glitter Graphics Maker - Create Myspace, Hi5, Orkut Glitters

Thanks for always support my works^^
i know maybe you think i'm gonna hiatus forever hahhaha nope!
i'm ready for my comeback, and there's a lot of graphics are waiting me for edit them hahhaha
please stay tune at this community XDDD

ps: sorry for the bad gif m(_ _)m